Name: Nation Member Club Platinum
Price: 15.99 USD

The Nation Members Club! Platinum

  • Get Exclusive behind the scenes tours with the staff! (Includes unopened areas of the parks!)
  • Larger Plot size! (10x10 normal plots!)
  • Help Technicians test unopened rides!
  • Bonus server EXP and parks cash! (250 Per Month)
  • Your very own custom command! (It can do whatever you want!)
  • Special Discounts to other OBN Merch and Ranks!
  • Early access to new store merchandise!
  • Access to the server during private hours and Maintenance mode (Unless maintenance mode is to fix big issues
  • Access to special Discord channels with the staff!
  • Private discord chat with other donors and staff!
  • Access to discontinued projects including old Disneyland and California Adventure!
  • Access to new donor perks before they are released
  • Access to passholder rewards program!
  • 15 Free Photopass Photos on your account
  • Exclusive access to secret staff projects
  • Access to Staff server meetings
  • Access to secret merchandise and server perks!
  • Access to the OBN Archives! (click here to learn more!)
  • Access to the OBN Vault+ (Click here to learn more!
  • Private behind the scenes access to the Imagineering program
  • Private behind the scenes access to OBN's College program
  • Ability to become staff without doing a full application
  • Ability to start OBN Movie nights and special events! (click here to learn more!)