Name: Club 33 Rank - 1 Month
Price: 17.95 USD

[Club 33Subscription Rank: Legend has it that the one who Sponsors OneBigNation is Showered with praise and all the rewards...

The Club 33 Rank is the highest rank that can be purchased on the server. This page will only show you the Perks that this specific rank gets, It Does include the Perks From AP, PassHolder, And DVC, You can See what those rank's perks are that are all included on this one! We have highlighted certain perks: Popular PerksExclusive PerksRewards Club PerksExtra Freebies Because We Love You

Included Perks:

  • Set Your Default Chat Text Color
  • All Access To Private Tours
  • All Access To Private Meet & Greets
  • Exclusive Access To The Cinderella Castle Suite Anytime You Want
  • Free Access To Private & Exclusive Movie Events (Pick The Movie We Watch!)
  • Get Your Very Own Plaque Of Your Name Hidden In Each Of The WDW Parks!
  • Feel Like The Owner By Hosting Your Own Private Server!
  • Reserve Private Firework Showings (This Includes The Ability To Watch Old Shows That We Don't Put On Anymore!)
  • Allowed Special Participation To Staff Only Events
  • + All The Perks Of AP, PassHolder, & DVC Ranks & OBN Rewards Club Amplifiers!

How To Get your Custom EasterEgg Command: /Mail Send [1] (Whatever you want the Command to Say- Including Color Codes) Example: /Mail Send [1] &1Hello!!!!!!

How To Reserve The Server or a private event: /Reserve (Click the Link and Open it. Fill out all the requested information, a staff member will confirm the reservation with you)

Change Your Tag Colors: /Tag  --> Example: /Tag 4 6 ---> [Sponsor]

Change Your Chat ID Number: /NewID  (This can take up to a day or two before this is applied)

How to get an amazing birthday party: Tell us when your birthday is with /celebrate  Example: /Celebrate 1/27/01 --> We will throw a big party for you on January 27th for your birthday!