Name: Epcot Early Access
Price: 15.00 USD

Included Perks:

  • By purchasing this, you're allowed to walk around the latest recreation of the Disney's Epcot Center in Florida on OneBigNation prior to it opening to the general public or being completed!
  • This perk will give you access to Epcot, World Showcase, and any other resort areas that are being worked on in the Epcot Resort property.
  • You will be given exclusive backstage access to all rides and attractions being built. Thus including seeing how the rides work and staff only areas typically restricted from guest view.
  • You will get to see first hand progress of the park's construction and progress towards completion
  • You may also get possible access to see the early show/ride mechanical developments in this park if any are being made.
  • You are granted access to test new rides and watch the development of new shows in this park if staff permit it.
  • Access to all achievements related to this park before any other guests


NOTE: The Epcot Center is still considered a construction area, and as such, you will see incomplete builds, attractions, and references used by our Imagineers. Attractions may not be open. By buying this perk, you are aware that the areas you will be able to view will not be fully functional and filled with immersive features until it is completed.

Epcot can be accessed by going to /server WDW and executing the command /warp Epcot. If you have difficulty accessing Epcot or any of its lands after purchasing this perk, contact a Staff Member for assistance. Thanks for donating and enjoy the innovative future world of Epcot!